Whimsical doodles is a consultancy specialising in web and cloud technologies.

We've worked with fashion, e-commerce, travel, mobile app development and sharing economy clients.

Much of our work has focussed on improving internal automation, from provisioning to CI/CD pipelines through to cloud or on premise deployments.

Sometimes during this we also produce doodles to help us concentrate.

Our current favourite technological things are, in no particular order:

Continuous Integration










Artificial intelligence

Data munging

Cloud infrastructure and computing

Or a more specific set of acronyms and buzz words:

Ansible, CI/CD, Jenkins, TeamCity, KVM, VMWare, Architecture, VirtualBox, AWS, Docker, Git, SVN, Puppet, Node, Chef, Packaging, EventDriven, Deployment, Scrum, Agile, TDD, BDD, SOA, Mobile first, REST, HTML5, Excel, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, SEO, Affiliate marketing, SOAP, APIs, Elasticsearch, Viewpoint, Crystal reports, SQL, XML, MySQL, PostGreSQL, MSSQL, Reactive, Redis, DB2, ORMs, Visual Basic, Linux, Mac, Windows, nginx, Apache, SSH, DNS, VPN, Spark, Cucumber, MPLS, VOIP, VLANs, ActiveMQ, 0MQ, Rspec, Avahi, EPOS, EFT, ECommerce, Merchandising Systems, NLP, Machine Learning, Hardware interaction, Functional, Design, Ballet, UX, Elixir, Rails, Sinatra, Capybara, Celluloid, EventMachine, Moose, DBIx::Class, TT, Catalyst, Plack